Vehicles that are part of Kent REVS scheme in the car park


Supporting KCC in achieving a greener transport infrastructure.

Having successfully secured £1.5M of Highways England funding in 2020, the 'Kent Realising Electric Vans Scheme' (REVS) is one action KCC has been taking to help reduce emissions across the Kent road network by encouraging business fleets to switch to electric.

How does the scheme work?

Available to any Kent and Medway business, the scheme offers businesses the opportunity to 'try for free' an electric van for up to six weeks. The scheme is fully operated by a specialist team in KCS Procurement Services, with a range of 50 electric vans for trial throughout the county.

Transforming Kent for the future, together

The aim is that more businesses will be more likely to convert their fleets to electric if they have an opportunity to a trial for an extended period, before committing to a purchase or long-term lease. To further support Kent's ambition for cleaner transport, more electric vehicle charging points are being installed throughout the country too!

If you are an SME interested in looking at ways to become more sustainable and reduce your operating costs then why not also contact LoCASE for other ways that we can assist with support and EU funding.

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