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Our Leasing solutions enable your organisation to finance capital purchases in innovative ways.

We do this by advising finance leaders on how to structure and procure their financing at the most competitive rates and under the best possible terms. We are well known in the marketplace and have access to leading finance providers to help secure equipment and items that your organisation needs under manageable payment terms. 


Why choose Procurement Services Leasing? 



We provide advice and support to help ensure the best decisions are made about how different assets should be funded.

Using the most appropriate available sources of funding for each acquisition is essential to achieving best overall value. We'll use up-to-date market data including residual values, funding rates, maintainable lives, and redelivery costs to inform your business case and provide the ability to make informed whole-life costs decisions.

We manage a fully compliant mini competition for every lease to ensure best value is achieved.

We utilise our strong partnerships for compliant frameworks. Unlike other leasing frameworks, this allows us to formally evaluate lessor bids taking account of all potential whole-life costs and risks. 

We use lease terms designed to protect your interests

We use unique protective clauses as standard. An example of this would be the Cap on the lease, which places a limit on what you can be charged even if you extend the lease for long periods. Additional clauses include part-termination/return, which protect you if you wish to return or extend only some of the leased assets.

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