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Multi-Functional Devices and Digital Solutions framework

Introducing our Multi-Functional Devices & Digital Solutions framework

It’s the year of growth for KCS Procurement Services and whilst we begin to introduce our offering of new frameworks, we are delighted to announce the first of many for 2022, our brand new Multi-Functional Devices & Digital Solutions framework.


We are committed to helping the public sector with their digital transformation and with our new framework, public sector organisations can experience a whole range of benefits including:

  • Access to multiple brands and suppliers
  • All toner and consumables are provided as part of the contract
  • Cost-effective solutions through our buying power-saving both time and money!
  • Expert advice on procurement, contracts and suppliers
  • An engineer response time on average of 4 working hours
  • Contract and account support throughout the lifetime of the framework


So why choose digital transformation?

It can make life easier for you and your organisation with the print from anywhere and scan to the cloud features. It also allows you to integrate multiple devices, software and services and includes digital connectivity across different sites.

Fulfil the potential of your MFD and create an integrated digital ecosystem within your organisation with our new framework.


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