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Social Value

What is social value in public sector procurement?

The ‘Public Services Act 2012’ defines how public sector organisations have a duty “to have a regard to economic, social and environmental well-being in connection to public services contracts”.

Social value is an increasingly important way in which we look to support our customers and communities throughout the UK. Our frameworks are created to deliver products and services across the public sector, from hospitals to schools, local councils to care homes, we provide access to suppliers who can help make a difference. Social value is now given a 10% weighting within every single new framework, so we can be certain that we are awarding suppliers who are committed to contributing to communities.

All of the above does align with our customer promise to

“Bringing honesty and innovation to every one of our customers – enabling them to make a real difference to their community.”

The main social value themes in the UK and for KCS Procurement Services are:

  • COVID-19 recovery
  • tackling economic inequality
  • fighting climate change
  • creating equal opportunities
  • cultivating wellbeing 

Want to know more about social value? 

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