Our brand evolution: the story so far

Posted by Nyah Iszard on Sep 28, 2022

Who is KCS Procurement Services?

First established back in 1902 as an education stores department, the KCS Group has since evolved. Comprising of both KCS Procurement Services and KCS Education, KCS Procurement Services has become a market leading provider of fully-compliant, national frameworks that offer a range of solutions to help public sector organisations across the UK run smarter, not harder.

Both organisations sit within the KCS Group, and a trading function of the Commercial Services Group, which is a wholly-owned business unit of Kent County Council.

Here at KCS Procurement Services we deliver innovative transformation through our Public Contracts Regulations 2015 compliant frameworks. We are on a mission to make procurement as straightforward and hassle free as we can.

Take a look at our new rebrand…

The power of a good logo…

First impressions matter and your logo needs to attract attention, represent your brand identity and separate you from competition. It is much like a face in the sense of, it is the first thing a customer will identify you with.

It is essential that all organisations always remain aware of their logo and branding to ensure it aligns with the overarching brand purpose, vision and values.

Our brand values

  • We are here for you – we are open and accessible to make life easy
  • We do the right thing – we are committed to providing trusted, honest and genuine solutions
  • We always look forwards – we are progressive, innovative and adaptable to change
  • We care about our impact – we are dedicated to improving experiences for our customers, communities and the environment

Fun Fact!

Interestingly the design behind each logo was carefully constructed around the negative space (the triangle) within the arm and leg of the ‘K’ in ‘KCS’.

Each part of KCS has a slight twist on their individual logos. For the KCS Group, the icon is formed with arrows representing continuous 2-way dialogue, contained with a bounding circle.

For KCS Education the icon is formed inwards presenting a common purpose of learning, knowledge and teaching.

And for us, KCS Procurement Services, the icon is formed with arrows pointing outwards from the center representing the key attribute of the business as a central solution.

To find out more about our frameworks and services and how they can help you run your organisation smarter, not harder, go to:

Frameworks (procurementservices.co.uk)