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The Urgent Need to Address Potholes

Posted by Aimee Wagstaff on Jul 09, 2024

Potholes are more than just an inconvenience—they can be a serious hazard. As our roads age and weather conditions change, fixing potholes is crucial to improving road safety and supporting economic efficiency.

Road imperfections can lead to many issues including:

  1. Vehicle Damage: Hitting a pothole can damage tires, suspension, and alignment, leading to expensive repairs.
  2. Accidents and Injuries: Swerving to avoid potholes can cause accidents. For motorcyclists and cyclists, potholes can be extremely dangerous, often resulting in severe injuries. Furthermore, even pedestrians can trip and fall, causing serious harm. 
  1. Traffic Disruption: Potholes cause drivers to slow down or change lanes abruptly, increasing the risk of accidents and traffic jams.

The UK Government are implementing a plan known as Network North which is committing £8.3 billion to highway maintenance across England over the next 11 years, including £135 million allocated between 2023 and 2034. This funding, in addition to previous local transport funding, significantly increases Department for Transport support for local roads. For 2023/24 and 2024/25, £4.296 million will be received each year on top of existing maintenance grants.

To ensure that the funding significantly improves local road conditions and enhances public accountability, the Department for Transport (DfT) is implementing new reporting obligations for local authorities. These requirements include:

  • Requiring all recipient authorities to publish a summary by March 2024 detailing additional resurfacing projects planned for the next two years with the new funding.
  • Requiring quarterly reports thereafter, outlining completed additional work and specifying resurfaced roads.
  • Mandating the publication of a comprehensive long-term plan by late 2024/25, detailing how the full 11-year funding will be utilised to achieve transformative improvements.

Find out what your local highway authority will receive here:

Local highways maintenance: additional funding from 2023 to 2034 - GOV.UK (


Pothole Blitz Programme in Kent

Kent County Council’s Pothole Blitz Programme, running from March 2023 to autumn 2024, aims to repair and prevent potholes and highway defects. An additional £50 million will be invested this year, including £25 million from the capital budget to supplement the DfT Maintenance grant. The program is carefully coordinated to minimise disruption to road users, considering high demand for road space.

If you are in the Kent area see how this funding can support you:

Pothole Blitz - Kent County Council

Our Plant Machinery, Grounds Maintenance, Site Equipment and Handheld Tools framework can help.

LOT 2 - Plant Machinery

Essential for removing old road surfaces and laying new asphalt, reducing potholes, and ensuring durable repairs.

LOT 1 - Grounds Maintenance Equipment

Keeps the surrounding areas of roads well-maintained, contributing to overall road safety.

LOT 5 - Handheld Tools

Allow for precise repairs and finishing touches, ensuring thorough and long-lasting pothole fixes.

LOT 4 - Site Equipment

Provides necessary infrastructure for workers, ensuring their efficiency and safety on site.

To find out more, visit Plant Machinery, Grounds Maintenance, Site Equipment and Handheld Tools

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Pothole Blitz - Kent County Council

Network North: highways maintenance funding increase - GOV.UK (