What are the benefits of using a Travel Management Company as a Public Sector Organisation?

Posted by Joshua Archibald on Jul 01, 2024

What is a travel management company and what do they do?

A travel management company is a travel agency that specialises in arranging corporate travel for a range of different businesses. TMC’s take control of all the details such as booking tickets, supporting with duty of care, looking after vehicle hire and any other essential services that are needed for safe and efficient business travel.


Online booking tool vs travel management company

Online booking tools allow for employees to track and manage their own business travel, where as travel management companies take all the responsibility of management and offer consistent support throughout the lifecycle of your travel. This makes their service more reliable than the use of an online booking tool on its own. Travel management companies will often provide their own online booking tools and still provide the same flexibility; however, they can provide extra support from experienced travel consultants who specialise in finding the best rates for business travel.


The benefits of using a travel management company for public sector organisations
  1. Streamline your travel booking process – Travel companies can handle all aspects of corporate travel flights, lodging and ground transportation. This streamline process can then make it easier for public sector organisations to ensure safety, management, support etc.
  2. Data utilisation to support decision making – With tight budgets and diverse options for public sector organisations, TMC’s can offer real-time data gathering information to facilitate more educated decision making.
  3. 24/7 travel assistance – You have access to support from your travel management company any time of the day, any day of the week.
  4. Assistance with all aspects of corporate travel – From handling small details such as seat preferences to redeeming travel reward points, everything is covered by your TMC.
  5. Reduce corporate travel costs – The expertise and experience of travel consultants can help public sector organisations to save money on their corporate travel.
  6. Provide traveller safety assistance – Traveller safety can be ensured when using a TMC, a main priority for any public sector organisation.
  7. Integration of corporate travel policies – Public sector organisations can often have strict travel policies, to which a TMC would be able to integrate to ensure corporate compliance.


If you want to find out how you can make the most of using a travel management company, then check out our Travel Management framework.



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