How has technology transformed the corporate travel sector?

Posted by Agnieszka Mrowka on Jul 26, 2022

Over the past couple of years, the travel industry has been dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Postponed business travel had a major influence on the significant drop in the travel market- in the pre-pandemic UK, corporate travel provided about a fifth of the aviation sector contribution to the nation’s economy.
During the “stand-still” period, there was a lot of room for improvement in current travel management. The technology concepts that were only notions a couple of years ago have now influenced a wider digitalisation of the travel industry. This has enabled convenient, time-efficient and easy to manage travel for customers.

The complexity of corporate travel

We all know how time-consuming and nerve-wracking organising a trip can be. When it comes to business travel, the case is even more complicated. Managing multiple flights and bookings at the same time, ensuring all the employees are able to check-in, depart and are happy with the standard provided during the trip.
It is very common in business travel that companies use external providers of travel management services, and if those are using new, advanced technologies, it is very likely that the whole experience will be very smooth and will give you peace of mind.
As stated in a report published by WPI Economics “almost three quarters of business leaders expect their companies to resume corporate travel over the next two years […] and nearly half of the firms that did not fly prior to the pandemic expect to do so by 2024.” (Backing Business Air Travel This illustrates how crucial it is for business travel to be as efficient as possible and to introduce the right solutions that will be able to work towards serving high volumes of customers.

New technologies in travel management

In the post-pandemic world, we are noticing a huge surge in the use of new and innovative technologies in the travel sector. A lot of that originated from a need for a seamless and contactless experience. Now technology is vital for the travel industry and “has revolutionised every aspect of business travel from choosing a destination to planning and booking trips.” (How Are New Technologies Revolutionizing Corporate Travel? - TechStory)
Some of the most important solutions used in the travel industry now enable end-to-end travel management at every stage of the journey and include:

  • Blockchain technology which enables quick and transparent online accessibility for tourism
  • Online booking systems that provide information and help manage the booking at every stage
  • Automated corporate travel policy management
  • Invoice management systems that support financial departments in organising the invoicing process
  • Management systems that help to get hold of upcoming and ongoing trips
  • Use of mobile device travel technology that lets you control all aspects of your and your employees’ travel from anywhere
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that includes tracking search for better personalisation and travel solutions suggestions, face-recognition during identity checks at the airport, as well as fast and efficient customer support online.

Our Travel Management framework can support your efficient planning

To meet the needs of our public sector customers we offer a Travel Management framework with a list of verified suppliers that can support the management of the business travel for your organisation.
Our suppliers are working hard to ensure they use innovative solutions and technology to provide a seamless travel experience. Have a look below at how they incorporate technology into their offering.

Agiito: Connect Portal

The portal is described by the company as a “powerful technology designed to be your travel, meetings and events gateway, designed to help people find the best way to connect by considering safety, wellbeing and the planet.”
Essentially it is a technology that uses smart solutions to avoid unnecessary travel and takes care of the safety of those travelling. It offers all that is needed to provide total travel management.

It offers tools such as: travel tracking, virtual meeting rooms, educational and environmental knowledge resources as well as workspace management.
Find out more about their solutions here

Selective Travel Management: Frictionless Travel

The pandemic has very much influenced how we manage our travel and everyday life. Frictionless travel, which was only a concept a couple of years ago, is making the experience contactless, with basically no need to interact with others. Many of its solutions were enforced by the pandemic; COVID-passes, baggage self-drop-off areas, scanning QR codes in the airport at check-in, etc.

Selective Travel Management offers a whole experience based on frictionless travel, from the booking stage, during and after the trip. Their service is designed to be able to fully manage the travel needs online. All of their technology platforms are hosted on a central platform – The Hub.
Find out more about their solutions here

Travel Planet: travel management system developed in-house                                 

Travel Planet uses an online marketplace that is developed entirely in-house. Thanks to forward-thinking technology, their prices are among the most competitive in the corporate travel market.

With a fully flexible support model that is tailored to their customers’ needs, they use the technology to their advantage in making travel management time-efficient and comprehensive.
Find out more about their solutions here

If you are looking for innovative travel management solutions we encourage you to find out more about our Travel Management framework by downloading the user guide

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