How can you accelerate your organisations digital transformation

Posted by Amber Terry on Dec 14, 2023

According to CMSwire 95% of organisations agree that a digital workplace is important, yet only 17% of organisations have plans to create a formal digital workspace strategy in the next two years.

The future of the workplace is shifting to make processes more simple and effective.  By using our Managed Services for Business Solutions framework, we can support your organisation in finding suppliers and solutions who specialise in implementing strategic methods to transform and improve your infrastructure.


Cyber Security

One of the key areas our awarded suppliers can support your organisation is with cyber security. Having a strong cyber security infrastructure is essential for any workplace to ensure protection against cyberattacks. Without protection, cyberattacks can result in financial loss, operational disruption, confidentiality breaches, reputation damage, and much more.

Make sure your organisation is safe, and take a look at our Managed Services framework.


Cloud and Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the service that makes applications and websites accessible using the internet via the cloud and combines computing resources from a network of virtual and physical servers. This method of hosting can be great compared to traditional hosting methods (e.g. web hosting, VPS) as it offers great scalability and flexibility to make changes, as it isn’t relying on a singer server. As well, it provides great security because Cloud hosting security layers include firewalls, identity management and access control, Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) for transmitting data, and more.

If you think Cloud hosting could benefit your organisation, reach out to us today at


Hybrid Working Solutions (Teams Rooms, Digital Workflows, Audio Visual)

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hybrid working has significantly increased and remained as a permanent fixture within many organisations, allowing employees to be more flexible and adaptive in their working styles. According to a survey carried out by the CIPD in 2023, when thinking about a new role, 71% of applicants responded to say that a flexible working pattern is important to them, and 69% say the ability to work remotely is important. For many organisations, working from home has also proven to increase employees' productivity and performance, and reports have suggested that increased hybrid working can reduce a company’s carbon footprint, as less emissions are given off from traffic used for commuting.

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Data Storage

There are multiple challenges associated with storing data. The volume of data stored can be the simplest challenge, resulting in a wide variety of data types and sources and multiple data storage mediums. Along with this, the predictability of the future need for data is extremely fluid. Your data storage and management systems need to be agile and be as scalable and accessible as needed.

Working collaboratively with our awarded suppliers, we can help you create a data management system that works for you.

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Wi-Fi and Network Infrastructures

There is nothing more frustrating than to be working on a task, but held back by the device's buffering connection. On average, the UK office worker loses an estimated 40 minutes a day to a slow internet connection (Is your slow internet running down your business? - Real Business). This equates to 21 wasted days per year (almost the average rate of annual leave in the UK!) Bad WIFI connections can result in lower productivity rates from your employees, as well as potential loss of data and work.

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