Learning at work week 2023

Why you should get involved?

Posted by Temi Adedeji on May 24, 2023

Learning at Work Week (LAW Week) is an annual event aimed at building learning cultures in the workplace and places significance on continual learning and development for employees.

So what is the importance of learning?

Learning keeps your mind engaged and body active. It helps you get new and knowledge-based perspectives on the world around you. Learning at work can also address potential skill gaps and boost confidence in employees.

Here at KCS Procurement Services, we take an active role in employee development through skill-building courses, learning and development programmes and much more to help our people to grow in confidence, skills, knowledge and experience.

And we proudly commit to continuing to provide our employees with opportunities for growth and development, not just this month, but for their entire journey with us.

Check out some of our employees experiences from the past week.


Aimee Wagstaff -

“The course I undertook was ‘How to Build a Compelling Competitive Strategy’.

This course has provided me with a valuable knowledge about the significance of understanding our competitors. It included insight on market analysis, gaining a competitive advantage, obtaining customer insights, and much more. As a Channel Marketing Assistant, I perceive these tools and learning as highly progressive. I am now actively creating a competitor file to thoroughly assess our competition and enhancing our strategies accordingly. I look forward to continue to develop my learning further.”




Amber Terry -

“I recently completed the HubSpot Academy content marketing course. The course really helped me to deepen my general knowledge around the world of marketing and has helped to shape my perspective on the choices I make within work. I now feel more confident with the right decisions to make throughout the creative process, and aware of which decisions will best benefit my team and organisation. This course has allowed me to become more engaged with the platforms I use in my day-to-day role and has shown me how to best utilise the social platforms we use and my time. I found the course to be a super easy and well guided tool and I will look forward to completing other training in the future to further enrich my knowledge.”




Richard Sowten - 

“Last week I attended the Schools and Academies Show at the Excel. It was great to see so many suppliers offering services for schools to help support them through this difficult time with all the financial restraints they are currently facing. Not only was I able to network with other people and organisations I was also able to learn that the education sector is facing some tough times, but their overarching focus is all about their pupils and their education and wellbeing. The Department for Education gave a very informative presentation the free advice and procurement support they can offer, utilising the DfE approved frameworks for schools – where we have six of our technology frameworks listed! I found this event extremely valuable as I have been able to expand my knowledge within our sector and feel more confident to give supported advice to schools.”


This great campaign is led by Campaign for Learning, find out more information or download their useful resources to get you started here: Home (learningatworkweek.com).

If your organisation doesn’t already have an assistance programme or initiative to help your employees learn and grow, this is a great time to start!

Check out our Employee Support Services and Benefits framework.