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Ways of working and considered technology

Posted by Sharp on Nov 22, 2021

Having worked through the ‘new normal’, we’ve seen experiences over the last 18 months result in new ways of working and altered employee expectations. As we move into the ‘next normal’, workers’ quests for flexibility and more collaborative technologies will continue this workplace shift. For organisations to continue to thrive, or even survive, employers need to reimagine and redesign spaces, alongside some form of digital transformation to meet this change in expectation head-on.

Sharp’s Future of Work findings illustrate the importance of having quality, reliable technology in the workplace, and show that employees recognise and value this in their day to day lives.

An employee-focussed, technology-led approach may sound daunting, but it needn’t be. Up to date technology has never been more accessible, and can actually help you save time and money, and simplify processes, as opposed to being an overcomplicated financial burden.

Some options for enhancing technology in the workplace include:

  • Up to date, seamless video conferencing systems and collaborative spaces

    With increasing numbers of hybrid meetings and remote workers, reliable and user-friendly video conferencing platforms are critical, bringing in-office and remote participants together. Creative and inspirational spaces with digital screens and huddle furniture allow colleagues to work together on projects and maintain meaningful contact with one another.

    Complete with an inbuilt camera, speakers and seamless interaction with the best Microsoft collaboration tools, Windows collaboration display from Sharp allows for easy video conferencing and collaborative meetings.

  • User friendly, engaging, digital interactive whiteboards

    Teamwork, communication, and collaboration have never been so important. It’s essential to ensure your people are connected to each another, and engaged in their work. Digital interactive whiteboards can transform office spaces for truly engaging meetings and outstanding presentations.

    BIG PAD is Sharp’s digital interactive multi-point touchscreen, designed for collaborative working and sharing ideas. In permanent meeting rooms, or coupled with a wheeled base, teamwork has never been easier.

  • Cloud-based document management solutions

    Whether people are in the office or not, improving access to documents and streamlining repetitive tasks can help with productivity and employee achievement. As workplaces change, cloud-based solutions can remove the need for physical servers or other cumbersome equipment, creating room for other useful or more meaningful spaces.

    Sharp has a number of solutions to automate workflows, such as invoice processing for optimum productivity. Our cloud-based print management solution ensures simple and secure printing, without the need for bulky servers.

  • Professional, business quality printers and laptops for home offices

    By making technology easy at work and at home, not only can you drive productivity and morale, but your people will be prepared for unexpected working situations, such as a last-minute requirement to self-isolate at home. To maintain consistency and ensure smooth transitions, it’s important that your staff are well equipped with laptops and printers, wherever they are.

    Designed with hybrid work in mind, Sharp’s Dynabook laptops are ideal for easy transitioning between home to office. Our multifunctional office printers are secure and robust, while our equally dependable compact printers are perfect for home workers.

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