Are you a local authority working towards net zero?

Ensure your plans are reliable and financially achievable.

Posted by Joshua Archibald on Jul 09, 2024

In 2019 the UK Government set their plans for all sectors of the UK economy to reach net zero by 2050. These plans highlighted several policies and proposals to guide organisations in the right direction to meet their goals.

These goals were orchestrated to ensure that the UK end their contribution to man-made climate change. Therefore, if an organisation is able to become net zero, they are able to function in a sustainable manner. If the whole UK is able to achieve these goals, we will become global leaders in the fight against climate change, setting precedent for the rest of the world to follow.

The UK Government produced a 368-page document detailing key notes on achieving these goals, from answering “Why Net Zero” to giving specific plans and recommendations to a variety of industries such as “Power”, “Transport” and “Fuel Supply and Hydrogen”.

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Over 300 councils have declared a climate emergency, and nearly all are assessing the risks and development plans. We understand that recognising the multiple policies and recommendations can be a daunting task for any local government to take on. This is where our awarded suppliers on our Audit and Assurance framework can help.

Our suppliers on LOT 1 cover Internal Audit and Assurance, which can be applicable to auditing and consulting on net zero plans, both ensuring that organisations are not making false promises and unrealistic plans as well as not putting themselves in a financial crisis while trying to achieve the net zero plans set out by the UK Government.

Our Audit and Assurance suppliers are able to mitigate the risks and challenges that come with strategical changes and significant decision making.

To access our Audit and Assurance framework and find out more details, visit our website: Audit and Assurance Services