Are you fully equipped for the risk of a fire in your workplace?

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Posted by Aimee Wagstaff on Jul 20, 2023

Summer is now upon us, which can act as a reminder of the importance of fire safety in the workplace. According to GOV.UK, Fire and Rescue Services attended 183,209 fires in 2022 which was a 24% increase compared with the previous year (147,347). These increases can be attributed to a 39% increase in secondary fires and a 57% increase in outdoor primary fires following the hot, dry summer in 2022.

According to a blog by I2Comply, organisations can lose approximately £657,000 per fire incident. Fires can damage buildings, stock, equipment, data, and documents and this can severely have an impact on operations.

There are many ways a fire can start within the workplace including:

  • Electrical faults (32%)
  • Smoking (23%)
  • Deliberate ignition (22%)
  • Heating appliances (12%)
  • Cooking (10%)

All this said, with the implementation of secure fire safety systems, you can gain a sense of readiness to effectively handle such incidents if they were to arise, such as:

  • Periodic assessments to identify fire risks
  • Ensure the upkeep of fire safety equipment
  • Establish preventive measures against fires
  • Educate staff about fire safety

It is crucial for everyone to be conscious of potential fire hazards and equipped with knowledge of fire prevention techniques.

Our Fire Safety, Products and Associated Services framework covers two LOTs:

LOT 1 - The supply of fire safety products 

This LOT is for the supply, installation, maintenance and testing of fire safety equipment, this would include the following but is not limited to: 

  • Fire extinguishers; water, powder, gas, foam and wet chemical 
  • Fire blankets 
  • Fire signs 
  • Fire safety log books 
  • Fire marshal kits 
  • Fire buckets 
  • Extinguisher stands 
  • Evacuation chairs 

LOT 2 - Fire risk assessment and fire awareness training    

This LOT covers a fully comprehensive fire risk assessment which is to be documented and meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and should identify the following; 

  • The risks and persons at risk 
  • Identifying fire hazards 
  • Fire detection and alarm systems 
  • Means of escape/exit plan 
  • Maintenance and testing of fire equipment 
  • Actions required with appropriate recommendations 

You can find out more about our Fire Safety Products and Associated Services framework here: Fire Safety Products & Associated Services (




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