How can our Legal Services framework support charities?

Posted by Joshua Archibald on Dec 05, 2023

How can our Legal Services framework support charities?

Charities are some of the most important organisations in the world. Giving their time and resources to help those less fortunate, playing an essential role in campaigning for rights, equality and much more. The importance of charities stresses the importance for legal protection in the many relevant specialisms they could be affected by.

Charities span across so many different areas, from food banks to homeless services to rescue missions and children’s and family services. This means that different laws are applicable to different charities, although some may crossover.

As an example, a youth-based charity would have closer involvement to child protection law as they run more risk of breaking these laws if proper regulation isn’t followed and organisations do not have complete understanding. Some legal specialisms apply to all charities, such as charity law and employment law, which can cover a wide range of topics.

Charity law is also a constantly evolving subject with a set of changes being introduced recently, in July 2023, regarding the flexibility for trustees when seeking to dispose of charity land and new powers around the use of permanent endowment. This further stresses the importance of legal support for all charitable organisations, to reassure that proper guidance is provided to guarantee that legal requirements are always being met.

For compliant legal support, charities can rely on our Legal Services framework, with 18 awarded suppliers that cover a diverse range of specialisms, we are sure to provide the necessary legal care that charities require.

Our Legal Services framework supports the whole public sector as well as charities.