Bleed kits: Saving lives across the UK

Posted by Aimee Wagstaff on Oct 16, 2023

Every second counts in a life-threatening situation, and being prepared can make all the difference. Bleed kits are indispensable tools that can potentially save lives until paramedics arrive.

These kits are not just for medical professionals but for anyone who may find themselves in a situation where excessive bleeding poses a serious risk. In workplaces where machinery is in use, injuries can occur, and rapid response is crucial.

Bleed control kits are carefully created to provide the necessary equipment and instructions to manage severe bleeding effectively. These kits typically include the following components:

  • Tourniquets: Tourniquets are devices used to constrict blood flow to an injured limb, thereby stopping severe bleeding from a major artery. Modern tourniquets are designed to be easy to apply, with clear instructions for proper use.
  • Hemostatic Agents: These agents, such as gauze impregnated with clotting agents like hemostatic powder or kaolin, help promote blood clotting and control bleeding when packed into wounds.
  • Pressure Dressings: These are sterile dressings designed to apply direct pressure on wounds to control bleeding. They often come with a built-in pressure bar or bandage to ensure proper compression.
  • Gloves: Disposable gloves are essential to maintain a sanitary environment and reduce the risk of infection while providing aid.
  • Scissors or Trauma Shears: These are used to cut clothing away from the wound site for better visibility and access to the injury.
  • Instructions: Clear, step-by-step instructions on how to use the kit components safely and effectively are included in most bleed control kits.

By having these kits on hand, we can equip users to respond effectively in emergencies. It's about empowering our communities and workplaces to be safer and more prepared.

Did you know our Emergency Response, Rescue Equipment and Associated Services framework can help?

Working collaboratively with our awarded suppliers, you can feel confident that should an incident occur, you’ll be fully prepared.



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