Flu jabs and vaccines

The importance of looking after your people this flu season

Posted by Joshua Archibald on Aug 17, 2023

Flu season can be a challenging period for organisations. In the UK, flu season is typically from October – March. which is coincidentally some of the busiest periods for the NHS, education, and several other industries.

Organisations can and should be thinking now about what to put in place to protect their people, and also productivity, during the winter months.

Why is it so important for organisations to prevent flu and other illness?

  • Vaccinations can save the economy up to £28.9m in averted sick days costs alone.
  • Sickness days due to the flu can reduce the productivity and profitability of organisations.
  • Employees feel valued and protected by their organisation.
  • Promotes healthy and positive brand values.
  • Can support in reducing stress on emergency services and the NHS.
  • Influenza or flu can make employees bed-bound for up to 2 weeks – a vaccine can help to reduce or avoid this down time altogether.

Do you want to help your employees be protected this flu season?

Check out our Employee Support Services & Benefits framework, a range of our awarded suppliers can provide occupational health services such as the flu jab and other vaccines.