UK Housing Crisis: An expert insight

Legal Services Housing Podcast

Posted by Joshua Archibald on Apr 24, 2023

The UK housing crisis continues to affect millions across the country. A recent report states that 300,000 households across Britain could be homeless if there is no change to current UK government policy 1. We spoke to property law experts from Davitt Jones Bould and Birketts, two of our awarded suppliers on our Legal Services framework.

Johnathan Hulley, the Head of the Social Housing Team at Birketts, discusses the challenges the public sector faces when dealing with unsatisfactory housing conditions and gives an insight into how the public sector could make better use of the legal remedies available.

Elizabeth Colin and Stephanie Hall from Davitt Jones Bould discuss how they work alongside charities and clients, revealing how DJB supports local authorities to help deal with the crisis.

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