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The importance of signage in schools

Posted by Aimee Wagstaff on Sep 26, 2023

A 2020 report from Construction Management highlighted how important the installation of sprinklers in schools is after research found that schools in England are nearly twice as likely to have a fire, compared to other types of commercial buildings.

Zurich Municipal analysed the fire risks posed by 26,866 primary and secondary schools in the UK and found the average school is likely to have a fire risk 1.7 times greater than non-residential buildings.

These research findings emphasises the importance of clear and well-positioned signage which is vital for guiding students on through fire safety actions and evacuation routes.  

But it doesn’t stop there, clear signage doesn’t just save lives, it helps to establish a clear brand identity, encourages dress code, informs students of important news or updates, demonstrates wayfinding and much more.

Well-designed signage can enhance the aesthetic appeal of school premises while reinforcing a sense of brand identity and unity among students. It serves as a silent guide, not only helping students navigate the physical layout of the school but also promoting a sense of belonging and pride. Moreover, in an era where technology plays an increasingly prominent role in education, signage can seamlessly integrate with digital displays, providing real-time updates, event notifications, and educational information.

Also, signage in schools plays a pivotal role in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for students with disabilities. Well-designed signage can provide clear directions, important information, and guidance in accessible formats ensuring that all students, regardless of their abilities, can navigate the school independently. Therefore, investing in comprehensive signage services is not merely a functional choice but an investment in the overall well-being and educational experience of students and the entire school community.

Is your school implementing signage in the most effective way?

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