What is ICT consultancy and how can it benefit your organisation?

Posted by Joshua Archibald on Mar 11, 2024

Organisations can sometimes encounter several challenges and uncertainties that are beyond their area of expertise, this can make these challenges increasingly difficult to resolve. This is a primary reason why consultancy is a such an essential service to help organisations succeed.

Consultants offer very particular skillsets and knowledge, with finance, technology, and business management being areas of consultancy that involves seeking guidance and recommendations from these experts.

It is essential for organisations with less experience in crucial areas to seek advice to ensure the correct decisions are made when consequences can be most severe. As an example, if a public sector organisation that offers a health service is faced with a technological challenge, then they might not have the knowledge to enforce the best solution.

There are a variety of benefits to seeking consultancy services, these include:

  • Specialised expertise: Consultants provide specialised experience in particular areas, often supplying greater knowledge in these areas than available elsewhere.
  • Objective perspective: Consultants offer an outside viewpoint, allowing them to offer opportunities and solutions without bias.
  • Flexibility: Consulting services can be tailored to suit the organisation’s needs, this can be in terms of length or services, scale of service and unique needs and requirements.
  • Cost savings: Hiring external consultancy can be more cost-effective than specialised training or hiring full time staff.
  • Time savings: Consultants can be rapidly accessible and reduce the time spent when compared to the usual hiring or training process.
  • Risk mitigation: Consultants help to identify and mitigate risks, by completing a full assessment and creating a risk management plan.

Our ICT Managed Services & Consultancy framework can offer short or long-term consultancy for a variety of ICT related disciplines from design to security and much more.

For more information, check out our ICT Managed Services & Consultancy framework.