Elevating Efficiency with Our Facilities Frameworks

Posted by Aimee Wagstaff on Oct 30, 2023

Facilities are a key driver in keeping organisations running smoothly, especially when it comes to ensuring safety, efficiency, and functionality. That's why our extensive facilities framework category was created, to help improve various aspects of your operations. Let's explore the frameworks: 

CCTV and Access Solutions: This framework gives you access to a range of CCTV and access solutions, offering your organisation both peace of mind and enhanced security.  

Cleaning Services: This framework is divided into two distinct LOTs, to cover both educational and other public sector organisations. Our awarded suppliers provide services such as emptying bins, classroom and office cleaning, litter picking, emergency and reactive cleaning and much more.  

Courier Services & Specialist Logistics: This framework offers a range of UK collection and delivery services, ensuring goods flow efficiently and reliably to keep your organisation operating smoothly at all times.  

Electrical Testing Services: Split into three distinct LOTs, this framework covers a range of services including Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), Fixed Installation Testing (FIT), Electrical Testing of Street Lighting and Street Furniture- because safety should never be left to chance.  

Frozen, Chilled & Ambient Food Supply: Whether it’s frozen, chilled or ambient food, this framework offers a compliant route for organisations to source a steady and dependable food supply.  

Waste Management Services: This framework is divided into six LOTs including; Integrated Waste Management, General Waste and Recycling, Clinical, Chemical, Hazardous and Radioactive Waste, Confidential Waste, Supply of Wheelie Bins including Compactors/Balers and Waste Disposal Authority (WDA) Household Waste Processing.  

Take a step closer to a sustainable future! 

Total Facilities Management: A comprehensive solution to cover all your facility management needs, this framework includes a range of services including building maintenance, security services, washroom and janitorial, cleaning services and many more.  

Are you looking to cover all of your facility requirements in one solution? Then this framework is for you! 

Wheelie Bins and Kerbside Recycling Containers: By working collaboratively with our awarded suppliers on this framework you can rest assured that your organisation’s waste is dealt with responsibly and efficiently.  


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